The Best Beaches in Zanzibar


If you're a water person, Zanzibar could be a great vacation spot! The archipelago of Zanzibar consists of two beautiful islands: Unguja and Pemba. Each has a number of stunning beaches with white sands and brilliant blue waters. You may have even heard of Unguja, the more popular of the two islands, which is more commonly referred to as "Zanzibar Island." Most of Zanzibar's popular beaches are found on Zanzibar Island, but even Pemba has a few hidden gems of its own. Here are a few beaches worth exploring if you visit the area:

  1. Nungwi, located at the Northern tip of Zanzibar, is a serene beach that's ideal for swimmers and sunbathers who don't want to watch the clock for high and low ocean tides. It's also known for its exciting atmosphere – there are a number of "Zanzibari-style" low-key bars with fun vibes and entertainment!

  2. If you enjoy swimming in the ocean and visiting with other travelers, Paje is an excellent choice. Paje is a popular Southeastern beach town in Zanzibar, and a great location for learning to scuba dive and for practicing other water sports. Sprinkled along the shoreline are various bungalows, restaurants, and beach bars that allow visitors to mingle while exploring the coast.

  3. Pemba Island is known for its high caliber beach resorts, such as the Manta Resort, Misali Beach Resort, and Fundu Lagoon. If a luxury getaway to pristine seas and quiet beaches is what you seek, consider choosing from one of Pemba's outstanding resorts.

  4. If you are looking for private luxury than Mnemba Island is your place.  &Beyond Mnemba Island is a beach paradise just off the northeast coast of Zanzibar. This romantic, private hideaway overlooks the Mnemba atoll (a scuba diver's delight). See picture below.

Romance andBeyond Memba Island

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