Note Cards for Hope Note Cards for Hope

Giving back is way of life here at Wild at Heart Journeys.  Note Cards for Hope is a continuation of our philanthropy.

For the past several years at Christmas, our founder Robin has created Note Cards of some of her favorite photos from her African travels during the year for family and friends. This past November, she was asked by someone who had received one of the cards as a thank you note, if they were available for purchase. She had never thought about selling them, as they were a fun way for her to share her amazing journeys with her loved ones. After giving it some thought, she realized she could use the cards as another way to contirbute to the beautiful destinations she has been so blessed to visit and share with our clients, so she created Note Cards for Hope.

Note Cards for Hope are limited edition card sets, that are sold with the proceeds going to local projects in Africa that focus on wildlife conservation, education, empowerment and healthcare. Each set contains 12 5x7 cards with beautiful images of Africa.

The proceeds from the cards have gone to support two great groups in Africa that are working tirelessly to help preserve elephants and rhinos for our future generations. Both do outstanding work in conservation of land and wildlife, especially in protecting Elephants and Rhinos, which are being poached at an unbelievable rate. Another group is working succesfully to provide Women's and Children's Health and Education Services in Zimbabwe.

For more information you can check out their websites.

1. The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust:
2. Great Plains Conservation:
2. JF Kapnek Trust:

 To purchase a set or two you can do so by Contacting us or you can Order them online.