In celebration of International Women's Day we are kicking off our series of features on Wild At Heart Women - Women Guides of Africa.

Our first woman to be featured is Hannah Strand of Wildlife Explorer*. Hannah was born and raised in Tanzania. Her family has been in Tanzania for well over three decades. Growing up in a safari business family, Hannah spent much of her childhood in the bush. She says " Sometimes I can't believe I have had the wilderness and wildlife of Tanzania just on my doorstep. I spent my childhood constantly on safari with family and friends".

Hannah and her Dad

Her formative years in Tanzania and going to school at an International School surrounded by many different cultures have helped to mold her into the woman and guide she is today.  "As women we face different challenges than men and I believe this is true no matter where you grow up.  I try to grow stronger, tougher from these challenges and create opportunity wherever I can."

Hannah and local Maasai Women

Hannah loves her "job" as a guide and wildlife specialist. Inspired by her family, she is thrilled to continue the family legacy. As a guide, Hannah's passion is not only about sharing the wonders of Tanzania's incredible wildlife and environments, but she is also trying to "bring awareness to Tanzanian women who are creating a brighter future and better quality of life for themselves and their families." She says, "There are number of excellent projects on the ground in Tanzania that we promote and make available to guests who wish to become a part of Tanzania's conservation efforts. All this is important because awareness is key. If there is a fire inside - let it burn bright and strong! People are motivated by passion and every voice counts. I think it's important to remind everyone they can make a difference - there is still so much left to fight for."

We are excited to have Hannah join us as our special guide on our Wild At Heart Women's Trip in February 2017.  She will also be leading us in our daily Yoga and Mindfulness practice as she recently completed her Yoga Instructor training.

Yoga in the Serengeti

*About Wildlife Explorer:
The Strand Family started Wildlife Explorer back in the early 80's. Their focus has always been Traditional Luxury Tented Safaris. Their camps are seasonal which means every few months they pack up everything and allow the ecosystems to regenerate. As a company they strive to have a minimal impact on the environment. They work with Tanzania Carbon Neutral to offset their vehicle emissions, do not use coal for heating water but instead use a closed heating device from Sweden that uses the old oil from their vehicles. They continually work to help protect the wild spaces, support local girls with higher education and look after every member of their team.

Mobile Camp Setup in the Serengeti