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Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge, at just over 2,000m, is Uganda's highest lodge and is located just outside the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The lodge is up on a ridge, overlooking the volcanoes and sometimes at night you can see the red glow of the live peaks in the Congo.

Guests at Clouds stay in their own cottages. Built of local volcanic stone, every cottage has a large sitting room with fireplace, vast overstuffed armchairs, and hand-woven carpets. Each individual cottage features the work of some of Uganda’s most respected artists . The main lodge features – soaring ceilings, massive exposed wooden beams, big picture windows with endless views of treetops, volcanoes and mountains.

Cottage Sitting Area
The lodge idea was introduced in 2002, when the Uganda Wildlife Authority, along with International Gorilla Conservation Project (IGCP) and the Africa Wildlife Foundation (AWF) sought to engage the communities in conservation of the gorilla’s natural habitat. What resulted was a high-end lodge based on gorilla tourism, co-owned by a private operating partner and the local communities—represented by the Nkuringo Community Conservation and Development Foundation (NCCDF). This unique partnership was facilitated by IGCP and AWF. This lodge opened in 2008 and has won numerous awards like Tatler's Top 100, Conde Nast Hot List and continues to win awards and accolades not only for its community contributions but also for its food and top notch hospitality.

A percentage of each tourist’s bed night fee goes directly into the NCCDF general fund, which is then distributed to the community through various projects. A few of these projects include vegetable farming, livestock management, community walks, basket weaving, and wood carving cooperatives. Today Clouds Mountain Gorilla Lodge benefits more than 30,000 people across 23 villages surrounding the southern boundaries of the national park.

Mountain Gorillas

What do our clients have to say about their stays

"What and incredible lodge! Not only are the views amazing but the staff, all from the local community, are wonderful. Our every need was looked after and we were made to feel completely at home. Our favorite lodge of the trip!"

"Great way to end our safari."

"Two nights was too short, we could have stayed and relaxed here for days soaking in the views."