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About Ethiopia

We think Ethiopia is one of the most magical and unrevealed destinations today. A timeless country rich in culture and history. Home to more than 80 linguistic groups, Ethiopia abounds with cultural and spiritual diversity. Its people adorn clothing and costumes that echo their own traditions. For some it is customary to wear little to no clothing and paint the body and face with distinctive images, while others might wear the traditional Ethiopian costume made of woven cotton and decorative embroidery.

Because of its ethnic diversity, religion is an integral part of Ethiopian society. Colorful celebratory traditions and festivals take place regularly throughout the year. From December through May the country is ripe with festivities, and visitors traveling through Ethiopia in the fall might happen upon Enkutatash, the country's unique New Year celebration, or Meskel, a religious holiday celebrated with yellow daisies, wax candles, wooden crosses, and blazing bonfires.

As you navigate through the hustle and bustle of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia's social and economic epicenter, you might notice that the country's cultural and historical influence extends beyond the ethnic appearance and habits of its residents: it permeates your nostrils in the form of traditional dishes and spices such as wat and berbere and radiates from the foundation of its many churches, mosques, castles and museums. Ethiopia is teeming with ancient places such as Lalibela, Aksum and Harar, and is even home to the some of the world's greatest archeological findings, including the oldest known hominid, Lucy, who is estimated to have lived 3.2 million years ago.

Aside from its historical and cultural excellence, Ethiopia fascinates visitors with stunning geographical attractions such as the Simien Mountains, the Great Rift and Omo Valleys and the Blue Nile Falls. Perfect for the outdoorsy traveler, the Ethiopian Rift Valley is a corner of paradise endowed with therapeutic hot springs, majestic lakes, and exotic African wildlife. Meanwhile, the Blue Nile is similarly captivating, with views not unlike those of the Niagara Falls.

If you are seeking an out of the ordinary journey that immerses you into a magical world, then Ethiopia is the place for you.

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