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About Rwanda

Rwanda is often called "the land of a thousand hills" and boasts an outstandingly diverse population of flora and fauna as well as stunning natural beauty in its breathtakingly scenic green savanna. It is after this expansive savanna of rolling, grassy hills — extending more than 10,000 miles — that Rwanda is affectionately nicknamed. The majestic peaks of the Virunga Volcanoes, shared with the neighboring country Uganda, is another highlight not to be missed.

Situated in the region of Great Lakes, Rwanda is accented with the natural beauty of many alluring lakes. Because of this, beaches are scattered throughout the country and serve as popular tourist attractions. Lake Kivu is the largest freshwater lake in the Rwandan valley and offers perhaps the best scenery for a tranquil and relaxing break from the hustle and flow of Rwanda's busy towns and cities.

The country's sophisticated capital, Kigali, is a historically significant landmark of the Rwandan Genocide that now buzzes with colorful markets, clean streets and fine cuisine. A walk through Kigali might include a trip to the Inema Art Center or the Ivuka Arts Centre. For those interested in the history of Rwanda, we recommend paying a visit to the Gisozi Genocide Memorial Centre and Nyamata Church, which offer a moving glimpse into reality of the Rwandan Genocide.

Even more busy than Kigali is the southern city of Butare, where visitors can explore craft shops, botanical gardens, and museums including the National Museum of Rwanda. The country's small size has a silver lining, as travelers need not venture very far to explore. Roam a little and observe the primates in Nyungwe Forest, Mountain Gorillas residing in Virunga National Park, and the wildlife that roams the savanna and wetlands of Kagera National Park.

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