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About Swaziland

Significantly smaller than any other south African country is Swaziland, a tiny kingdom land-locked between South Africa and Mozambique. The Swazi culture encourages a fun, laid-back lifestyle, and the Swazi people's progressive approach to wildlife preservation has made Swaziland's national parks some of the continent's best.

Unaffected by urbanization and the harsh impact of human life, the forests, valleys, and mountains in this little kingdom offer a refreshing escape from industrialized society. Explore the scenery on foot, bike, or horseback, or take a guided tour through one of Swaziland's many national big game parks such as Hlane Royal, Mlilwane, or Mkhaya to view lions, elephants, white rhinos, giraffes, and a myriad of other species in their natural habitats.

Since the Swazi culture maintains a great appreciation for the arts, Swaziland has grown famous for its arts and crafts. From paintings, batiks, woven grass, and carvings to sculptures, blown glass, jewelry and woven mohair, Swaziland is teeming with creative and beautiful tokens to take home. Handicraft stalls are everywhere throughout the country — in markets and on roadsides — but the road through Ezulwini has become the epicenter of the Swazi craft industry.

Looking for a taste of adventure? Even a country as small as Swaziland still packs a punch, offering thrilling activities such as caving, canopy tours, climbing, and abseiling. Despite being land-locked, Swaziland still offers tubing, boating, fishing, and white water rafting in many of its dams, reservoirs, or natural rivers. Whatever your preference, Swaziland is brimming with so much culture, natural landscape, and liveliness that it's easy to fall in love before you leave.

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