Planning Your Journey

Africa is often mistakenly thought of as one destination. In reality, Africa is a large continent -- so large, in fact, that its size is equivalent to the combined sizes of 18 countries including the USA, China, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Just like the U.S. is made up of states, each with their own unique culture and wonders, Africa is composed of different countries that vary dramatically from one another. A trip to Africa isn't a trip to one place – it's journey that will open your eyes and heart to destinations that are a world all their own.

Each journey is customized with our expertise from the ground up and takes time and effort to create.

Your journey starts with contacting us. A phone call (skype or facetime as well) is best so that we can get to know each other and so we can get a sense of what you are looking for in your journey. This will give us a chance to ask questions of each other and discover the essence of your trip. Maybe you already know exactly where and what you want in your journey, or maybe you have no idea even where to begin. Hakuna Shida (no worries) we are here to provide you with ideas and inspiration.  After our getting to know each other a bit and assuming you decide that you want us to move forward with planning your custom journey to Africa, we will get a non-refundable deposit ($500) which will be applied towards your trip.

The process of creating your custom journey begins with reviewing the destinations, what each has to offer, and when is the best time to visit based on what you are looking for. Once the destination or destinations and time of travel are decided, we will review accommodation options that fit your travel style, discuss activities, excursions and experiences available, iron out the flow and pace of the trip and determine the logistics such as flights and ground transportation. This process of creating the perfect custom itinerary is very interactive so we will keep exploring ideas and options until you are satisfied with your Journey. Sometimes it can take just one iteration and other times it can take 10 iterations. No worries, that's what we are here for. Once you are ready to book we will collect your deposit of 30% of the total trip price, which will secure all of your arrangements, and your booking is confirmed.

Upon booking, you will receive our travelers information packet which has answers to lots of frequently asked questions like what to pack, what visas are needed, shots or other health requirements, recommended tipping guidelines and information on the destination(s) you are visiting. If our packet hasn't answered your questions or you would rather just chat with us, please feel free to call or email us with your questions. We want to ensure that you are prepared for your trip so that you can relax and enjoy it to the fullest.

But wait! It doesn't end there. 30 days prior or sooner depending on when you book, you will receive your final detailed itinerary. This final travel document will contain all the information you need to know (i.e. contact numbers, daily details, confirmation numbers). Once you have your final in hand, we will review with you (by phone or e-mail) all of the arrangements and answer any last minute questions. Now you are ready to go.

Let the Journey Begin! Upon your arrival at your destination, your guide will greet you and the fun begins. Your final itinerary will give you a feel for each day but remember this is Africa and schedules may run a few minutes behind and things may seem to be running on what we affectionately call "Africa time." You're on vacation, so relax and enjoy the ride. Rest assured you won't miss anything, and we encourage you to speak with your guide at all times. If you'd like something, ask them! We only work with the best in the business, and they are there to make sure you're having an absolutely outstanding Journey. We too will be keeping an eye out for you while you are on your trip with daily communication with our guides and lodges to ensure that you are well cared for. And if for some reason you need us during your trip, we are just a phone call away.

Nope, we are not done yet...Once you are home we will want to hear all about your journey and would love for you to share your pictures and videos with us. We will ask for your candid feedback on your planning process and trip so that we can improve our services and create even better experiences.

So go ahead, pick up the phone and call us now 1-844-945-7697! You can also email us to setup a time to chat about your journey via phone, skype or facetime.

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